3pm-7pm  Nose Work Class with Jan





Tuesday Classes

6pm  Family Manners Week One

Oct 12th

6pm  Family Manners Week Two

Oct 19th

6pm  Family Manners Week Three

Oct 26th

6pm  Family Manners Week Four

Nov 2nd

6pm  Family Manners Week Five

Nov 9th

6pm  Family Manners Week Six

Nov 16th

6pm  Family Manners Week Seven

Nov 23rd

6pm  Family Manners Week Eight

Nov 30th

Wednesday Classes

1pm-4pm  Nose Work Class with Jan



Thursday Classes

Friday Classes

6pm Puppy Kindergarten Orientation

6:30pm Puppy Kindergarten With Sara



Saturday Classes

Oct 16th

Oct 23rd

Oct 30th

11:30am Rally Run ThroughWeek Three

Nov 6th

9am  Family Manners Week Four

10:15am CGC Week Four

11:30am Rally Run Through Week Four

Nov 13th

9am  Family Manners Week Five

10:15am CGC Week Five

11:30am Rally Run Through Week Five

Nov 20th

9am  Family Manners Week Six

10:15am CGC Week Six

11:30am Rally Run Through Week Six

Dec 4th

9am  Family Manners Week Seven

10:15am CGC Week Seven

11:30am Rally Run Through Week Seven

Dec 11th

9am  Family Manners Week Eight

10:15am CGC Week Eight

11:30am Rally Run Through Week Eight

10:15am CGC Week One

9am  Family Manners Week One

11:30am Rally Run Through Week One

10:15am CGC Week Two

9am  Family Manners Week Two

11:30am Rally Run Through Week Two

10:15am CGC Week Three

9am  Family Manners Week Three

Sunday Classes

Oct 17th

Oct 24th

3:30pm Competition Foundations Week One

2pm Conformation Handling Week Eight

Oct 31st

3:30pm Competition Foundations Week Two

Nov 7th

3:30pm Competition Foundations Week Three

Nov 14th

3:30pm Competition Foundations Week Four

3:30pm Competition Foundations Week Five

Nov 21st

3:30pm Competition Foundations Week Six

Nov 28th  

3:30pm Competition Foundations Week Six

2pm Conformation Handling Week Seven