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Beginning Agility

DATE:  Jan 6, 2024

TIME: 10 - 11 am

Saturdays, 1 hr once a wk for 6 wks

COST:  $120/6 wks


Agility is a sport where the dog is handled through an obstacle course that requires handler control, quick-thinking, confidence, and good communication skills between dog and handler. Courses are challenging enough that a dog could not complete them correctly without human direction.

Agility can be practiced with all kinds of dogs, no matter the size. It doesn’t matter if your dog is a puppy or adult. There are levels from basic to advanced. Beginners in this sport are often surprised at the great intelligence lying dormant inside their beloved pet. 


Agility can also be just for fun. It means you can get moving and spend time with your dog, without any competitive goals. If you are physically limited, you can compensate by putting extra effort into distance handling. The more skilled your dog is, the easier it is for you.


Dogs must have some basic obedience skills, be mannerly around other dogs and people, and be under control at all times prior to the owner signing up for the class or have instructor permission. All dogs must be current on vaccinations. Your dog must be healthy and in good physical condition as dog agility is physically demanding, especially for the dog.



Bring your dog (of course!), shot records, soft chewy treats in a side pouch or front pouch (hoodie type sweaters work well), 6ft leash (non-retractable), and a flat-buckle, or martingale collars only.

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Beginning Agility 

Instructor: Miranda Rizzo

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