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Facility Use

Facility Use Membership Application

A. Definition

1. Facility Use is defined as personal use outside of PenDOG classes and scheduled activities.

2. All regular members may apply for facility use. Cost for facility use is $100.00 per fiscal year (October 1 through September 30) or $50.00 after April 1.

3. Exclusive of scheduled classes or club sponsored events, facility use is at the member's own risk.

B. Acquiring Facility Use

1. Submit an application for Facility Use in person to the Board of Directors at any regular meeting.

2. At the next club meeting the application will be voted upon and affirmative votes of the majority of the members present and voting at the meeting shall be required to approve the applicant. Applicants for facility use who have been rejected by the club may not re-apply within six (6) months after such rejection.

3. To maintain facility use you must:

a. Maintain your membership in good standing.

b. Pay the yearly facility use fee by November 1.

c. Abide by facility use rules and all club policies.

d. If you have allowed your facility use to lapse, you must reapply to gain facility use again. Lapsed facility use by a member in good standing will be reinstated by a vote of the Board of Directors (BOD) at the next meeting, or the BOD can call a special meeting to address it.

4. Facility use privileges:

a. Use of the facility and equipment, with the exception of the A-frame, dog walk, and teeter, at your convenience outside of scheduled classes and events. Instructor's approval required for use of contact obstacles.

b. An additional 10% discount off PenDOG classes.

c. Access to the PenDOG library.

d. Free or reduced rates to many PenDOG activities.

5. Facility Use Rules

a. Facility use is available outside of scheduled class times, activities and cleaning.

b. Due to insurance restrictions, facility use is limited to PenDOG members.

c. Do not leave unattended children or animals in the facility.

d. Facility may be scheduled for up to 2 hours per week.

e. You may schedule your time no more than one week in advance.

f. Unscheduled Facility Use
i. You must place your name on the calendar upon arrival
ii. No limit to the number of times.
iii. Limit your time to two hours if others arrive while you are there

g. NO alcoholic beverages on PenDOG property. NO smoking within the PenDOG building or within 50 feet of the entrance.

h. When leaving the facility:
i. Return all equipment to its proper place.
ii. Clean up any mess.
iii. Empty trash if necessary.
iv. Turn thermostat to 60 degrees.
v. Turn off all lights.
vi. Make sure all doors are securely locked.

i. Failure to comply with the above rules may result in the revocation of facility use.

j. Keys to the facility remain the property of PenDOG and must be surrendered on demand of the Board of Directors.

k. Clean up after your dog.

L. For your safety, please do not touch any equipment without prior approval.

m. Please wear appropriate footwear for the activity.


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