Puppy Kindergarten


Puppy Kindergarten puppies are eligible to participate in the Puppy Star program.  To qualify for the AKC Puppy Star Certificate a puppy must attend at least 6 weeks of training and pass a test.  For more information, click the button below.

This is a class for puppies to begin learning basic manners and work on socialization and confidence skills.  Puppies need to be at least 8 weeks old and must have their first set of vaccines. 

The class is on-going, there is no set start or end date.  Students buy a punch card of 4 for $50 or 6 weeks for $70.  If the student needs to miss a week or is out of town they can still get all their class sessions.

Orientation for new students is at 6pm on Fridays, returning students come at 6:30pm

You must contact the instructor at fann@alaska.net to reserve your spot.

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