Membership of Peninsula Dog Obedience Group

PenDOG Membership Application

Peninsula Dog Obedience Group welcomes all dog enthusiasts! There are a variety of memberships available. 

Becoming a member of PenDOG is easy. Within a six month period, you must enter and attend at least one class session (generally 6-8 weeks worth). You then submit a membership application with dues attached. The application will be voted on at the next meeting!

These are the types of memberships available.

A. Regular Membership: 
A member 18 years of age or older. Any regular member shall be entitled to vote and hold office. All regular members shall enjoy all club privileges on an equal basis. Regular members receive a 10% discount off of PenDOG classes. You may choose an Individual Membership ($30.00 per year) or a Family Membership ($42.00 per year). 
A Family Membership is for a married couple and includes children in the family.


Once an applicant has become a regular member, they are eligible to apply for Facility Use Membership.

B. Junior Membership: 
A member under the age of 18 years. Junior members shall not be entitled to vote or hold office. Use of club facilities shall be under the direct supervision of a regular member. 
Junior Memberships cost $15.00 per year.

C. Associate Membership: 
A member 18 years of age or older. Associate members are not entitled to vote, hold office, receive class discounts, and are not required to be on the cleaning schedule.  
Associate Membership costs $20.00 per year.